2021 Autumn/Winter Skincare Guide

With March now over, the Autumn and Winter seasons of 2021 are officially here. The wind becomes a little stronger, the temperature drops and rain replaces sunshine. Whilst we know what this means for our wardrobe - more woolies, hats and scarfs, what does this mean for our winter skincare?


If you do nothing else, keep your skin hydrated during the winter months. The easiest way to do this is switch to a heavier moisturiser, however you could also start using a face oil. Heck - go all out, get both!


Tone down your use of retinoids, acids and peels. Nurture your skin with gentle fruit enzyme masks and overnight hydrating treatments.

Step 3: SPF

Just because the sun is hiding behind clouds, doesn't mean she's not throwing out UV. Quite often the UV exposure in winter is just as intense as summer, because - newsflash - clouds don't block out UV radiation! Even if you're only walking to and from the bus, carpark or ducking out to grab a sandwich on your break, UV exposure adds up. Protect your skin and your future self will thank you!


Gloomy weather can often lead to gloomy minds. Beat the winter blues and pamper yourself with masks, warm baths and force yourself out of the house to maintain your professional beauty regimen with regular facials.

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