Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

No longer in love with your cosmetic tattoo?

Whether your tattoo has healed poorly, colour faded or you aren't happy with the shape or quality of the work that was done, there is hope!

Eyes and Brows

Cosmetic tattoo removal can be done by laser, but that is usually expensive and can result in a loss of hair, which is not ideal on the brows or lash area.

At The Blush Lab, I use THiNK Pigment Remover. A glycolic acid based solution is tattooed over the initial tattoo, binds to the pigment and lifts it out of the skin.

One appointment usually takes 1-1.5hrs. While it is a very effective method, results can and will vary for each person, as it depends greatly on the depth, age and type of tattoo pigment used. Multiple sessions are often needed, anything from 1-5 sessions, 8-12 weeks apart. This method of removal is suitable for basic shape corrections, fading an old tattoo before re-tattooing over the top and full removal.

Prices start from $150/session

Instant Regret/SOS removal is available for tattoos less than 48hours old.

Contact me either via facebook or email to request a quote. Send as much information as possible and make sure you include a clear, well lit, high resolution image of your tattoo so that I can provide you with an accurate quote.

Results vary greatly and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Some clients will have complete removal, others will experience fading only. I have no way of knowing how your skin will respond to the treatment.

There are no refunds for cosmetic tattooing or removal.

The Blush Lab is a beauty salon in adelaide that specialises in cosmetic tattoo and removal, bb glow facials, oxygen facials, lash lift, brow lamination, brow shaping, henna eyebrow, facial waxing, radio frequency ( RF ) skin tightening, microneedling and nano needling.

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